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Taiwanese School
Taiwanese School of Atlanta

3070 Corners North CT, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071
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Phone: 770-446-6579
E-mail: Taiwanese.School.of.Atlanta@gmail.com

Adult Chinese/Mandarin Class - Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML)

Target: Adults 18 and up whose mother language is not Mandarin/Chinese
Location: Taiwanese School of Atlanta (TSA)
Schedule: 1st semester: February 25, 2023 -- May 13, 2023
3 hours/per week (2 hours in-person, 1 hour online): Total 12 weeks
a) Saturday Morning 10:00 AM or
b) Saturday Afternoon 3:00 PM

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2nd semester: September, 2023 -- November, 2023
3 hours/per week: Total 12 weeks
Every Saturday Morning or Afternoon (TBD)
Tuition Fees: Contact office for information
Email: TCML.TaiwaneseSchoolofAtl@gmail.com
URL: taiwancenter.taiwan-world.net/learningCenter#US-Eest-South

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